Adventurers in Alderion can take part in the ancient art of brewing, thanks to the mysterious wizard Grafe. Brewing has several parts, all which take time to be mastered.



Fermenting is usually the first step in brewing. Getting the time right for fermenting is one of the steps that a brewer must learn during his apprenticeship.

Fermenting can be done by placing a cauldron on top of a flame. The flame must continually burn, or the fermenting time will restart.

Ingredients can be added by right clicking on a full cauldron. As well, right clicking on a cauldron with a clock will tell you how long you have been fermenting. Right click with empty glass bottles to gather your fermented products.


Possibly the next step would be to distill your brew. This can be done by placing your fermented product in a brewing stand with glowstone powder as a filter. This process will not remove the glowstone.

Brews can be distilled up to 6 times, but it will only affect the quality of the final drink, not the strength.


Aging is probably the most important part of any brewers process. It allows your brew to develop from a base, non-alcoholic drink into a hearty drink to share around the hearth.

Aging is done by first creating barrels. There are two sizes of barrels.

Put the bottles into the barrels for aging. Depending on the recipe, the type of wood used may alter the quality of the brew.


Here is the comprehensive list of ingredients that can be added to a fermenting station. Several of them are works in progress, while some are false leads, and do nothing. Items are generally not mixed. *Spoilers*


For the common peasant who still seems to have trouble with his brews, here are the processes for all beverages. *Spoilers*