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ChivalrousCraft is a newly released Minecraft role-play server presented by SolisGamers. This server offers an immersing environment for deep role-play. With many different races to choose from and the ability to create your own character. Set forth and create your own kingdom, become mayor and run your own village, travel across the lands trading goods in the towns you rest at, or lurk in the shadows waiting for the right moment to strike. The possibilities are endless.


Following the discovery of the southern continent by Hugginn Vardmadr and Draylm Hatos, the land was quickly populated by many different races. The continent became known to all as Aldeiron. Many years ago, the first race to set foot upon the lands were the humans. They quickly spread throughout the realm, claiming territories as their own. The elves arrived afterwards with a mysterious race known as the Avarians in tow.

Due to conflicting beliefs and tension between the races, Aldeiron was quickly plummeted into a time of war and chaos. Towns were desolated as quickly as they were established, leading some races to near extinction. However, peace finally came, and more and more races emerged to the surface of Aldeiron. Over time, nations and kingdoms formed, populated by these new folk. While the land has experienced war since, the races have been mainly peaceful with each other.

The year is AL237. With tension arising between nations and races, travellers rush to Rhuan, a small town, in the search of adventure. You are one of those travellers. In this, Aldeiron’s time of need - when war seems inevitable and conflict imminent, your actions will greatly impact the course of events.


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