Through mysterious magic, several "vanilla" minecraft items are able to be crafted.

Horse ArmorEdit

Horse Armor can be made using 5 iron ingots, gold ingots, or diamond, and one wool.

Crafting gold horse armor

The crafting shape is a backwards J with wool in the center.



Crafting a saddle

Saddles can be made using 4 leather, 2 string, and 2 iron ingots.

The crafting shape is a leather T, 2 string next to it, and 2 iron below the string.

Name TagEdit

Name Tags can be made using 1 paper and 1 string.

Crafting a name tag

The crafting shape is paper in the middle, and string in the top right corner (like flint and steel. Can be crafted any where in the table, as long as the shape remains.