Dhampirs are a one of ten races in ChivalrousCraft.

General Info: Edit

Average Height: 5'3" - 6'4".

Skin Color: White Pale.

Hair Color: Brown, Black, Gray, White.

Distinctions: Red Eyes, Sharp Teeth, Natural love for bloodshed.

Lifespan: Similar to Elves, Dhampir are immortal. (Able to die like any human, except from old age)


The Dhampir are, by the large scheme of things, considered a new race. After a human expedition to a newly discovered land outside of Aldeiron, the survivors returned to the continent acting strangely. It wasn’t too soon before they turned on members of their village. The villagers were torn apart during the night by the expeditioners, who called themselves the Dhampir. After many years of falling victim to the Dhampir, the humans managed to capture one. It was theorized that what caused the humans to change into Dhampir wa​s a parasite from the newly discovered island which took control of their bodies. The Dhampir escaped soon after. Not much is known about the Dhampir as nobody has been able to remain close to one for long enough to tell the tale.

(Note: They do not suck the blood of their enemies to survive, tis only a myth created when a great Dhampir warrior drank the blood of his enemy to show his power over them.)


Classes for the Dampire include: