Duergars are a one of ten races in ChivalrousCraft.

General Info: Edit

Average Height: 4'1" - 4'9"

Skin Color: Gray.

Hair Color: Usually bald with Black,or Gray beards.

Distinctions: Greedy, Dark, Unfriendly, Strong, Stocky, Short Bearded, Often never seen above ground.

Lifespan: Usually up to 220 years.


The Duergar are close relatives of the Dwarves - it is suggested that they were once the same species. However, as the dwarves became obsessed with stone and minerals, the Duergar looked at matters in a chaotic way. The research that they carried out twisted and corrupted their hearts, causing tension between the Duergar and the dwarves. The Duergar were sent into a permanent exile by the dwarves and were forced to find a new home deep within the earth. For many years Duergar have not set foot upon the surface of the world causing their skin to go pale and their vision to be sensitive to the sunlight. Duergar are similar in size and weight when compared to a dwarf but have very pale or gray skin and are often balding. 


Classes for the Duergar include: