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The main fortress of Eldaridge, surrounded by houses.

Eldaridge is a large town located west of Rhuan. The town has grown quickly into a bustling hub for traders and adventurers alike, and is currently the most populated town in Aldeiron. The town is mayored by the drow Lichscourge, with human Hugh Janus serving as assistant mayor.
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The Eldaridge gatehouse at night.


Eldaridge was founded in AL237 by a human, Hugh Janus; a drow, Lichscourge; and an orc, Krontak. With financial backing from Prince Theridon of Garrimm, the founders were able to turn a small settlement into a hamlet, with Lichscourge stepping up as the mayor of the town.

During the wedding of Krontak and Becca, a dhampir by the name of Zeix pierced Krontak's heart with an arrow. As Krontak died in the church, Lich ordered the town to chase down the killer. Eventually finding him, he was thrown into jail but managed to escape once more just before his sentencing.

Points of InterestEdit

  • The Golden Vixen Tavern. Heavily frequented by nearly all residents of Eldaridge, the tavern is a great place to socialise with others, as well as hear any recent news or gossip.
  • The Inner Fortress. Being the oldest part of Eldaridge, this is where the founders of the town first settled, and still live.
  • The Eldaridge Forge. Worked by Krontak before his death, the forge can be used by residents of the town.
  • The Eldaridge Chapel was commisioned to be built especially for the wedding of Krontak and his bride, Becca the Halfling. Now, it is used as a regular place of worship to the many gods of the world.
  • The Eldaridge Graveyard is next door to the church. Currently, the only grave there is where Krontak is buried.

Mayoral ElectionsEdit

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