Goblins are a one of ten races in ChivalrousCraft.

General Info: Edit

Average Height: 3'0" - 3'9".

Skin Color: Green/Greenish brown

Hair Color: Black, Or Bald

Distinctions: Pointed ears, Tiny, High Intelligence.

Lifespan: Approximately 83 years of age.


Goblins, while not the most intelligent race, are great mechanics and can build excellent contraptions. They are short and thin creatures, with skin ranging from bright green to dark green and everything in between. They live in colonies, usually on islands filled with minerals and materials for building, where they expand out until they can go no further. It is at this point that the goblins completely abandon their former home to relocate to a new area. Goblins are 3’0” - 3’9” and live to an average of 83 years old.


Classes for the Goblin include: