Halflings are a one of ten races in ChivalrousCraft.

General Info: Edit

Average Height: 3'4".

Skin Color: White

Hair Color: Brown, Black, Gray, Red, White.

Distinctions: Friendly Folk, Small Stature, Sometimes Heavy, Hairy Feet, Modest.

Lifespan: Approximately 100 years of age.


Halflings, much like humans, live on the surface in towns and villages. They are fascinated by all things that grow and, as a result of this, most halflings choose to live peaceful lives as farmers. When they choose to leave the safety of their homes, they have extreme endurance and willpower, making them great adventurers and even better companions. They look very similar to humans too, with the only main difference being their height. As the name suggests, the halflings are around half the height of a normal human being, leaving them standing at an average of 3’4”. They can live to around 100 years old.


Classes for the Halfling include: