High Elves are a one of ten races in ChivalrousCraft.

General Info: Edit

Average Height: 6'3" - 7'4"

Skin Color: Pale White

Hair Color: Light Brown, Blonde, White, & Silver

Distinctions: Graceful, Wise, Fair, Selfish.

Lifespan: Immortal (Living to the average age of 320 before joining the soul realm)


Much like the Wood Elves , High Elves live in a solitary area. However, they have much more contact with other races. The High Elves are generally a very pious race, believing in and worshipping a many number of Gods for many different purposes. They are skilled with certain magics, such as healing. The High Elves view themselves as above, or better than, other races - this can cause some tension between other races who think themselves better than the High Elves. The majority of High Elves or Lawful, or Good. They can be as tall as 6’3” to 7’4” and have ethereally pale skin; long, pointed ears and short, golden hair. Elves do not typically die of old age, only weaken as they become older.


Classes for the High Elf include: