Aureylian Orange NPC

NPC's are Non-Playable Characters. Their role in ChivalrousCraft is to add ambience to the world, as well as aid adventurers in their travels.

Color MeaningEdit

The color an NPC's tag means certain things:

  • Orange - normal NPC's. Added for environment.
  • Magenta/Purple- Shop keeper. Right click on them to open their inventories. You can switch from buy/sell by clicking the wool in the bottom right.
  • Light Green - Quest NPC's. Left/Right Click on them to begin their quest. ~Coming Soon~
  • Light Red - Hostile NPC's. Run like the wind or fight to the death. ~Coming Soon~
  • Cyan - Absolutes. These are mock NPC's of the major contributors to the server. I.e. living statues.

Significant NPC'sEdit

  • Cypranex - Sells food at spawn.

    The Shopkeepers of Rhuan

  • Slorgos - Sells magical items such as scrolls and tomes. He is located in the East of Rhuan, next to the forgery.
  • Jaybug - Reforges (repairs) weapons and armor. located Northeast of Rhuan
  • Gogomez - Sells starter iems/general supplies in the center of Rhuan.
  • Greylocke - Buys/sells valuable items on the north side of Rhuan.